Our products

The company maintains good traditions and specialises in the manufacture of:

  • Explosion-proof appliances (Ex) with highly graded dust and humidity protection; aluminum and plastic terminal boxes, single-phase switches, push button switches, signal, energy saving and fluorescent luminaries etc.
  • Electrical equipment for battery and motor-operated lift trucks (signal lighting units, all types of cables & bundles), reversers, single-phase emergency stop control units, battery discharge indicators, fuses & bases, resistors, contactors and controller boards, panels for motor-operated trucks, pin-plug connectors, auxiliary switches, emergency control switches etc.
  • Snap-action switches SAS 00 (S800)

  • Low intensity lighting units for obstruction
  • All types of active resistances ranging from 100W to 200kW, based on flat resistance components
  • General appliance articles: LED lamps, limit control switches, cable tips, 380V isolators, air exhausters for car braking systems, etc.
  • Inland & foreign trade with spare parts for all types of electrical and motor-operated lift trucks

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